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The Evolution of Cybernetics

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Simon Funk
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I'm a self-employed AI researcher, which means I'm either a kook or an eccentric genius, depending on whether I eventually succeed.

Since I can work anywhere, I tend to move far and often. At the moment I'm living in Seattle, WA (through August, 2008).

My most interesting (to me, anyway) entries are indexed in my condensed journal index. (Use the "<<" and ">>" buttons to skip back and forth between these highlighted entries.) Most of my travel photos will only be found on the full index, though.
12 monkeys, 42, 7w8, 80's music, adventure, ai, alanis morissette, american beauty, artificial intelligence, asian cuisine, atheism, atheists, babylon 5, beauty, blade runner, brazil, buffy, camouflage, cause & effect, chaos, cirque du soleil, cognitive science, computer science, computers, consciousness, cooking, creating, creativity, crepuscular, cryptonomicon, darkness, daydreaming, dead can dance, depeche mode, donnie darko, dreaming, dreams, economics, ectomorph, ectomorphs, endorphins, enigma, enneagram, epistemology, erotica, ethnic foods, evolution, evolutionary psychology, exotica, flying, gardening, golden palaminos, guinevere, h.r. giger, hang gliding, happiness, hawaii, healthy living, hedonism, homebirth, hot chocolate, howard jones, humor, ikea leopard balls, indian food, infp, intelligence, intp, intps, jethro tull, juggling, kate bush, learning, leon, life extension, linux, long hair, luc besson, maui, mbti, meaningful conversations, misanthropy, mission u.k., montessori, movies, music composition, myers-briggs, neural networks, neuroscience, neurosciences, new zealand, night, paleo diet, perception, philosophy, physics, piano, pippi longstocking, playfulness, pleasure, princess bride, programming, project sifter, psychology, radical honesty, rain, reason, renaissance, richard feynman, robotics, robots, science, seal, sex, silence, sisters of mercy, skepticism, skydiving, snowboarding, solitude, spicy food, state of mind, steven wright, storms, sudbury, sudbury schools, sushi, talk talk, technology, terry gilliam, thai food, the brain, the fifth element, the long kiss goodnight, the princess bride, the professional, the zero effect, thinking, thunder, thunderstorms, tori amos, touch, travel, true lies, trust, unschooling, vanilla sky, walking, water, wind surfing

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